What's the average cost of travel?

Tengah calculates the average price of anything and everything you want to purchase when travelling. From food to accommodation, tours to retail, transport to activities, we are your go-to price check. 

Tengah enables travellers to spend more time enjoying their holiday, instead of worrying about falling into the ever-present trap of over-paying.

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Crowd Sourced

Price entries from all over the world, brought to you by real travellers in real time. Become part of the buzz by entering your own shopping experiences! 

Location Based

No matter where you may have wandered, Tengah automatically updates your location letting you know the most up to date prices in your locale.

Global Reach

People travel to every corner of the world, so that means Tengah does too. We are limitless when it comes to delivering the average price of travel purchases.


Offline Mode

No Wifi, No Worries. Tengah's offline mode ensures you will always be price-prepared when it comes to your travel purchases.

Easy to Use

Tengah's straight forward platform allows you to receive price information within just a few clicks. It's price transparency at your fingertips. 

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"Never will I be ripped off again!"


"I was in Bali and needed a driver to take me from Uluwatu to Candi Dasa- around a 2hr trip. I was quoted 800,000 Rupiah (around $80AUD). I knew this was far too expensive but there was no way for me to know what the fair price was. I needed to leave straight away so it’s not like I had the time to scroll through all the Bali Facebook groups or blogs to figure out the going rate. When I discovered Tengah I was beyond happy. Never will I be ripped off again! It’s so easy to use and the offline mode is so handy. And yep, you guessed it… my driver should have cost 500,000 Rupiah. I could have saved $30!!"  -Amie, AUS

"I Tengah everything"


"I Tengah everything- airport transfers, jet ski hire, cocktails, tattoos, surf lessons…. Everything! Want to know how much that fake Gucci bag costs at the markets for you gf? Tengah will tell you before you even have to deal with the seller".    -Mark , UK

"I can rely on Tengah"


"I’m so pleased I can rely on Tengah when it comes to how much I should be paying for things when travelling. I hate haggling! It makes me so uncomfortable and I always feel like I’ve been taken advantage of. Never again! Thanks Tengah".   -Diane, AUS


Arm yourself with the knowledge of price transparency when you travel.

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